Radical Innovation

RADICLE implements next-generation breeding technologies to develop quinoa varieties with greater precision and speed.

We are modernizing quinoa breeding from the lab to the field

We are combining eco-phenotyping, remote sensing, and deep-sequencing technologies to build enormous datasets and advanced prediction models that describe how quinoa reacts across different cropping systems and stress factors. These modeling tools enable us to quickly design, select, and prototype the most optimal genetic lines for your target region.

Our process

From cutting-edge research to industry-leading varieties

Genetic research
Advanced phenotyping
Validation across the globe

Genetic research

We are developing dedicated molecular tools to pinpoint which genes control desirable traits in quinoa. These tools are helping us introduce unique traits into our elite varieties with greater speed and accuracy.

Advanced phenotyping

We are using the latest phenotyping technologies to evaluate and select from hundreds of promising elite lines. We are expanding our understanding what makes quinoa more resilient, nutritious, and high-yielding. Learn more about NPEC.

Validation across the globe

Our molecular and phenotyping tools are helping us speed up the development of varieties with superior characteristics. With the help of our global partners, promising lines are tested intensively across multiple environments in search of the most dependable high-yielding varieties for their production systems.


Quinoa reimagined

We have barely scratched the surface of quinoa’s genetic potential. By 2030, we expect to double realized quinoa yields to make it a key component of your crop rotation.

Higher protein content

Quinoa's unparalleled amino acid score makes it an ideal crop as we transition towards plant-based diets. We're systematically selecting for increased protein content.

F1 Hybrids

Hybrid vigor will open new avenues to push quinoa's yield potential beyond today's imagination. We are developing an F1 Hybrid quinoa platform to harness the potential of hybrid vigor.

Improved disease and pest resistance

Seed quality

Saponin-free seeds with increased diameter (>2 mm) and a diverse range of colors

Higher & more stable productivity

Farmers need dependable varieties that consistently break yield records.

Optimum crop cycle

We are continually adapting our varieties to capture different growing windows. By improving early vigor and introducing heat tolerance we are expanding quinoa to new latitudes and climates.

Stronger stems for improved lodging tolerance

Nitrogen-use efficiency

Drought & salinity tolerance

Quinoa is strongly resilient to adverse conditions. It has enormous potential to grow in saline soils and dry climates where other crops don't survive.

Transform agriculture, discover quinoa