A modern seed company built on academic excellence

The future of agriculture requires radical innovation. We are RADICLE.

To build a resilient food system we need more biodiversity in agriculture and global diets. This requires making significant investments to adapt under-utilized crops to industrial farming.

The primary root of a seedling, the RADICLE, signals the start of new life. As a company, we want to tackle the biodiversity challenge at its root and give life to new crops by investing in breeding innovation and technology.


Our ambition

RADICLE is driven by a desire to contribute to a more biodiverse and resilient global food system. By 2030, our ambition is to make a significant impact on:

Biodiversity RADICLE invests in novel crops to reduce the world’s over-dependency on major staple crops. Increasing agro-biodiversity can improve the resilience of food production systems to shocks and stresses, support key ecosystem services (for example, the prevention of soil depletion) and enrich global diets.
Transparency By expanding the reach of quinoa to new production regions, RADICLE contributes to the creation of shorter and more transparent production and distribution chains.
Innovation Radical innovation is required to boost crop yields and food quality as we prepare to feed 9 billion people under the emerging threat of climate change. Innovation is at the core of RADICLE, that’s why we invest a significant portion of our revenues in fundamental crop research.
Plant-based diets The world’s appetite for high-quality, sustainable proteins is rapidly growing, and plant-based proteins are high on the list. Quinoa’s unrivaled amino acid quality makes it an ideal source of high-quality plant-based proteins.

Meet our team

Andrés Torres Salvador Andrés Torres Salvador Managing Director
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Thomas Hufener Thomas Hufener Founder
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Viviana Jaramillo Viviana Jaramillo Project Manager R&D
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Robert van Loo Robert van Loo Senior Geneticist - Wageningen Plant Research
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Mathijs Peters Mathijs Peters Breeder - Wageningen Plant Research
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