Quinoa Reimagined

It takes radical innovation to transform a novel crop into a global commodity. RADICLE is at the forefront of a revolution in agriculture.

Advancing novel crops through cutting-edge research

Quinoa has the potential to transform agriculture. To realize this potential, RADICLE is bringing the latest innovations in quinoa genetics and breeding to producers worldwide.

Through an exclusive partnership, RADICLE and Wageningen Plant Research (WPR) are rapidly expanding their research and commercial breeding activities in quinoa. Our global clients have access to a continuous innovation pipeline built on excellent fundamental crop research and the latest developments in plant breeding technology. 


30 Years
Quinoa Breeding
23 Countries
10.000 Metric Tons
Production in 2020

Industry-leading varieties

Building on 30 years of experience, we offer a wide range of high-yielding varieties suitable for different climates and industrial processes.

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Elite genetics

Our varieties have been optimized for mechanized cultivation and reliable performance in large-scale production systems.

A focus on R&D

To realize the genetic potential of quinoa, RADICLE is developing state-of-the-art breeding technologies.

Innovative traits

All our varieties are saponin-free. This creates enormous water and costs savings during post-harvest processing.


Accelerating quinoa genetics

Our breeding program implements state-of-the-art genomic, phenotyping and speed-breeding technologies. We aim to continually boost yields, robustness, and seed quality, and we want to do it fast!

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RADICLE provides growers and processors with the varieties and agronomy expertise needed to grow quinoa at scale. Let’s transform quinoa into a staple crop!

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